About Us

The FreeMulch.AboutTrees.com wood chips app is a product of AboutTrees.com, run by Mark Russell, I.S.A. Certified Arborist out of Atlanta Ga. He also runs his tree health care company www.770Arborist.com.  

Our goal is to provide timely and relevant technologies to the tree care industry.  We currently have the Free Mulch product and will be working in the future to bring you more!

Our Story
So, Mark is an arborist that REALLY love tinkering with computers too! For the past fifteen years he wasted thousands of gallons of fuel hauling wood chip mulch, a valuable byproduct of his business, across the city only to dump it in landfills.
Neighbors would often come up to him requesting it, but many times he would have to knock on doors to see who wanted it.

(Mark really didn’t like that part…)

On hot Georgia days, covered in sweat and sawdust and breathing the fumes of that non-air conditioned chipper truck, Mark had plenty of time to think how much fuel he was wasting to get those loads of mulch to the dump. Even worse was that he knew that there were people close by that would want it but he didn’t know who they were because he only had access to his own list of wood chip requests, and not the list of other tree services.

And even more frustrating was when he finally was working in an area where people had called in to request mulch, the majority of times they already had their request filled by a someone else.

He felt there had to be a better way. He finally saw real the problem. MULTIPLE LISTS!

He saw that tree services maintaining their own separate list was a HUGE waste of time, not only for the tree services, but also for the client who had to make tons of phone calls to tons of tree services for only one single delivery.

So he decided to trade his hardhat for his website development hat. (Well, actually it was his project manager hat because Mark hates coding!)

He found the best Atlanta Ruby Developers and the result is our free mulch app! A wonderful and simple way for homeowners, schools, churches etc worldwide to request mulch from their local tree services and arborists!

Mark really hopes you like it and asks you to share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Seriously… He’s really asking for you to do it right now before you forget please… :-)

Enjoy and Happy Mulching!

Mark Russell
(writing in third person..)