Free Mulch Program Goes Live

Facebook Cover releases the Free Mulch App

The free mulch app found at uses GPS technology to connect tree services to homeowners within their immediate working area who are looking for free wood chips and we currently in process of importing to display over three thousand mulch requests.

Here’s why this solution is needed”

Problem: Multiple tree guys maintaining individual lists wastes everyone’s time, a LOT of money, and wrecks our environment.

When a client calls multiple tree tree services to get on multiple lists, it wastes everyone’s time because only ONE tree service will fill that free mulch request.  The first guy fills the order, and all the others have to waste their’s and the client’s time calling to “check” if they still need mulch.

The end result of multiple lists is that tree services are forced to drive further to dispose of chips, wasting more man hours, wear on their gear, and shutting down their production for longer.

Solution: One centralized list that updates and maintains itself.

Our Free Mulch App maintains the itself automatically. Tree service automatically offload the burden of maintaining a list, by simply copy/pasting one link into their site.   Clients requests from multiple sites are then pinned to the free mulch map automatically. When the truck fills up, with a simple click of one button on an iPhone or Android, the tree service will see all the active mulch requests in that area. After contacting the client, the tree service simply updates the request status with one click (filled or not).  Multiple tree services updating a centralized list means that EVERY request is fresh all the time.

As tree guys ourselves we have and will continue to develop the free wood chip program to maximize savings in fuel, labor, dump fees, wear and tear on our own equipment so our production can stay as profitable as possible! We thought you might like to join with us as well.

It’f FREE to join,  so join today!

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