FAQ For Homeowners

Is it really free? Is there a any hidden cost?

Yes it is really free!  No, there are no hidden costs.   Tree services save a LOT of money when they recycle their wood chip mulch close to where they are working.  It saves a ton of fuel and THAT helps our environment!  This is why we created the free mulch program.

Does FreeMulch.com coordinate with tree services internationally to deliver free mulch outside the USA?

Yes!   Wood chips are great for the gardens in every country.  Our technology allows any tree service in any country to access our list and deliver mulch!

Does this program include every state?

Yes!  The list is growing and we are adding tree services constantly.  When you submit your request for free mulch is submitted it will stay there until it is delivered.  When  you need more, simply log in and toggle your request back on and tree services will bring you more! 

I sent a request but I haven't heard from anyone yet?

We do not deliver mulch ourselves, but rather simply facilitate the connection of your wood chip request with the tree services in your area.  With multiple request in an area, it is possible that your neighbors received their mulch first.  Hang in there!  Good mulch comes to those who wait.  :-)

We are looking for wood chip donations for this next weekend for a school/park/community project. Is it possible to set up a delivery or is it just when you have something in the area?

Because the mulch is free, it is only when a tree service is in the area.

Is it possible that someone can give me a call before they bring out the mulch?

Absolutely!  When you submit your request, simply request in the notes for a call first.   It also helps to NOT describe exactly where on the property you want the mulch.

Will the tree service move the mulch to my back yard or do I have to do that myself?

Typically they can only put the mulch where their truck can go.  Keep in mind that trucks must be on level ground (side to side, not front to back) in order to lift the box.  Different tree services may move it for a fee, but likely not.  But hey,  its a great opportunity for getting back to nature with some!

How do i cancel my request for free mulch?

Simply sign in and toggle your request to “Mark as delivered”.  When you need some more, toggle it back to “not delivered” and you will be automatically displayed again to the tree services to bring you more!  Its that easy.

I don't need a full truck load of chips. Can I request the small amount of free wood chips? I just need a couple of bags, is that possible?

No.  Our program delivers full truck loads only.

How much free mulch do you deliver?

All trucks are different, but typically, dipper trucks range from 12 to 30 cubic yards.  To put this in perspective, a 12 yard load would be about the size of a VW bug, and a 30 yard load would be about the size of a GMC Suburban./reveal]

Can I request free mulch for someone else?

No.  It this goes against our terms of service.   The requester must own the property where the chips are being delivered.

Do you actually have tree services in my area?

We have LOTS of tree services nationwide and the list is growing as we are adding tree services constantly.

How long does it normally take to get chips?

This depends on when there is a tree service working in your area and if they fill up when they are there.

Your Terms of Service are REALLY strict! Why?

Well,  because litigious people forced our hand on this.   in 15 years we have never seen any problems delivering mulch with our own tree service.  However, because this site does not deliver every load, but rather just connects you with tree services in your area, we can not guarantee what they will bring out.   We stepped out in faith to built the site because it is good for the environment and we felt it was worth the risk.  Because generally speaking tree guys are not out to dump hazardous material on anyone’s property.  Could it happen?  Sure anything is possible.  That is why we made the terms as they are.  Have we ever seen it?  No..  Never….    Hope this helps!

Could bark delivered harm my dog/Pet/Kids/Foot etc..?

We make no guarantees.  There are simply to many variables.  Your dog/horse/cat/child may have allergies to the material delivered.

Will the tree service will continue to deliver to my home until I put a pause on the delivery? If so, how do I place that stop delivery when the time comes?

Yes.  As long as the request is on, then your home will be on the map.   Also, if you receive a load tree services have the ability to turn your request off. (they can not turn it on).  Sometimes they forget to turn it off, so if you want it off, it is your responsibility. 

Will I be able to request where they drop the mulch so it isn't just dumped on my front lawn?

Yes.  You are able to put notes into your request.  However, if you want to be there when they come, we would advise against too much detail.  Simply request them to call first.

How do I get my free wood chips faster?

Be the easiest site to recycle at.  Tree guys are really busy.  If you ask for a phone call first, and you don’t catch the call, they will go to the next on the list.  Actually if the distance is the same, they might not even call.  Every minute matters when to tree guys billing 200-300 an hour.  They try to be as efficient as possible.

How much of these wood chips can we get?

Keep your request up, and they will keep coming!


FAQ For Tree Services

Why does my tree service have to have a web page to participate?

The free mulch app is a community project. If you are going to “take” recycle sites from the community pool, you have to give them back too by linking to the community. Once you sign up, we will send you the link.  If you need help with this, we will even help you out with it.  This one simple step automatically offloads the burden of maintaining your own list.

How much does it cost to get the app?

FREE! As tree guys ourselves, we know that the last thing we need is another bill.  Enjoy!

How long will it be free?

We didn’t build the app to monitize. We’re arborists who saw the need. (Pun…Ha!) Anyway, now that it’s built it costs us minimal hosting to run it. We use the tool ourselves and know how many gallons of fuel it saves. Once we had the idea, creating the site was the responsible thing to do.  Seriously…  When was the last chance you had to save thousands of gallons of fuel burn getting pumped into our air?  That’s why we built it!

Do you have mulch recycle sites in my area?

If we don’t, we can work with you to get them fairly quickly.  The best thing to do is simply link to the site.  That way the list will grow over time.

Where do I sign up?