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Free Mulch Program

Looking for free wood chips or free mulch for you garden?  Our Free Mulch Program is simplest and easiest way to notify the tree services in your area that you need free mulch!

With one post, your request is automatically accessible to ALL of the participating tree services in your area, so that the next time they are working close by, they’ll deliver your free mulch!

The site was created by tree guys, who for years had been forced to drive their big diesel guzzling trucks across the city pumping tons of emissions into our air. And then waste space in the landfill on top of that. So they created the free mulch program because they knew first hand that this program saves fuel and THAT saves our air!

Now we all have a choice, to enrich our soil by recycling much needed nutrients making our trees and plants happy and healthy!

Its free of charge!

Benefits of mulch:

Did you know that the wood chips tree services produce when they are chipping trees is the first-stage material used in the production of colored landscaping mulch? But all that processing, re-grinding, and chemically coloring wastes tons of energy, and that’s bad for our environment!

Instead, environmentally concerned people now prefer the more natural approach, opting to use natural wood chip mulch that adds organic nutrients back to the “o” layer of their soil.

Tree service wood chip mulch last longer too! Taking longer to break down, it’s soil therapy that enriches and rejuvenates the organic nutrients back to your soil consistently over time.

Natural wood chip mulch contains no potentially hazardous and unnatural “colorant” chemicals, so you won’t have to worry about the unknown. In fact, it is so nutrient rich that people are now gardening with it creating “back to eden” gardens. They’ve even a full-length movie about the benefits of gardening directly out of this mulch!

So sign up today to get a load of free mulch delivered free of charge!